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OIH35은 유무기 하이브리드 수지 입니다.

제품 특징
  • 고경도
  • 높은 접착력
  • 내용제성
  • 고투명도
  • 밴딩 특성이 좋음
  • 먼지 제거
  • 낙서방지(Anti-graffiti)
Appearance Transparent
Appearance of dry film Transparent
Non-volatile (wt %) 13±1%
Viscosity ∠D
Solvent PMA
Curing time Baking at 80℃(or higher) for 1hr (or longer) and keep drying at room temperature for 7days / 180℃, 30mins (if reacted with amine group)
Construction activity

Roll, spray or dip coating

Bar coating (No.12) 

The results are listed in the table (Substrate: tin)